Shelby Thomas, MLS

Metadata, online privacy, and the future of public libraries

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The Suggestion Box

16 Jul, 2023

A good public librarian knows that incorporating the suggestion box into a habit of constant introspection is essential...


ChatGPT and LCSHs

14 Mar, 2023

When assigning descriptive values to metadata elements, vocabulary and syntax is of the utmost importance...


Online Privacy & Public Libraries

07 May, 2022

A critique of on online privacy protection theories and suggested best practices


Annotated resource list

03 Feb, 2022

British scholarship on the subjects of information literacy and the library profession...


Indigenous Social Justice Collection

27 Jan, 2022

...based around the Dublin Core metadata schema, fifteen metadata elements were used...


Collection Development Policy Addendum

16 Jan, 2022

I decided early in the process that a collection of traditional materials...